Thursday, 30 July 2015

Hello Polly!

This bird, gallivanting around in my backyard is my gardening neighbour’s escaped, caught and then set free King Parrot.

He has been living the semi-free life for around a year now I think and comes in to be hand fed on a daily basis. He wolf whistles which pretty much sets him apart from the rest of the birds in the neighbourhood.

And I am including my attempt at a bit of artistic photography in today’s post. This is the fountain head in my fish pond. I spotted this view from the kitchen window and thought maybe I could capture it. It’s not too bad for a point and shoot camera.

Happy gardening!

Thursday, 16 July 2015

GBB Day Number 1

Hello and welcome to my garden blog if you’re new here. Please feel free to have a look around. In Australia it’s winter and finally the weather has cooled down (like right down to nearly freezing in the morning) here in Perth. We still haven’t had much rain but we have two desalination plants and are now pumping recycled water back into the aquifers to boost supplies so we’re a little less reliant on rainfall nowadays. It doesn’t help the native forests though and we lose a few more trees every year to dry winters.

Anyway, enough of my rainfall anxiety and on to what I want to show you from my garden…

This time round I’ve got a few more photos of the last of the roses. First up there’s this, the most perfect ‘Moonbeam’ bloom ever! Being right next to the front gate it’s something I see on a daily basis, so I didn’t miss its single day of perfection.

The Lamarque put on a stunning display with a final flush of blooms. I absolutely adore this rose. The pole I have supporting the stem has been developing a lean over this last season and I have been slightly panicked that the whole thing’s going to topple and crash to the ground in the next storm so I have pruned it hard and I have a plan to build a support for it that will hopefully take the weight of the top.

And my final bloom for the day is this lovely Pat Austin.

Enjoy your gardening