Saturday, 17 May 2014

More Autumn Roses

Here are some more of my autumn roses.
This is David Austin’s Princess Alexandra of Kent. It’s fairly new in my garden – only a couple of summer’s old. This rose flowers fairly infrequently in this spot. I have another one in a less harsh position which does slightly better and I am going to shift this plant near it.
And because it’s such a treat to see it in flower, this is a shot of the back with the bud of hybrid tea, Fragrant Plum.

And it’s very lovely bud.

This pop of colour was irresistible – a Pat Austin bud against the dark blue fence.

And the heavy droop of a fully open flower.

This is David Austin rose, Young Lycidas. It starts as a dark bruise…

And gradually fills with petals and fades through the red plum tones.

This is hybrid musk, Felicia. I planted this as a weeping standard last spring to provide a bit of shade over a scorched lawn area. I bought it from Roworths rose nursery in Landsdale. The guy there estimated it as being 5 years old and warned me not to expect much in the way of flowering. I had low expectations but, in a classic case of under-promise and over-deliver, it has flowered continuously all season. I don’t expect it to ‘weep’ as such, being more of a spreading shrub than climber.

And this beauty is English rose, Pretty Jessica.

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