Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Winter in the Garden

It’s winter here in Perth, the leaves have dropped, the last of the roses are blooming…

Floribunda, Seduction
 rose hips are the reward for laziness not dead heading, here on ‘Heritage’

and some of the native shrubs are flowering

This is Grevillea Olivacea, so called because its leaves are strikingly similar to an olive tree’s. There are various colours, this is the red form. This is actually a really good shrub – large and fast growing (I prune it).

Grevillea flowers also come in different forms and these ones are ‘spider flowers’.

This is a dwarf tea tree which grows to under a metre (3 feet) high. These flowers dry off to form hard black seed pods which I’ve seen parrots come into the garden for. Don't they have lovely faces...

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