Thursday, 25 September 2014

Wildflower Wednesday: Paper Daisies

I know, technically it’s not Wednesday anymore in Australia, but I have discovered a link-up held on Clay and Limestone and dammit I’m joining it !

I just happened to have seen these paper daisies growing on the verge the other day so grabbed my camera, went back and took a few snaps.

They are a daisy native to Western Australia growing naturally to the north of Perth from around Shark Bay down towards Geraldton and out towards the Goldfields where the carpet of spring flowers is a huge tourist attraction.

I have managed to find some information about growing them so here goes. You need to sow the seed in autumn for a spring flowering, using one standard pack of seeds per square metre. They like a light, sandy soil (but will still grow in clay) and a sunny spot. 

And, if you’re growing them on your verge, you probably need to protect them from mowing and cars like this gardener has.

Happy Gardening!

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