Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Sunflowers of Summers Past

Hi there and welcome to a look at some sunflowers of summers past. I recently went on holidays to Victoria to visit my sister and her family and managed to lose my camera on the way back. Thanks to the lady at the Qantas lost property office for her search and a big thanks to the Thrifty car hire office who found it and are posting it back!

In the meantime I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show you some of the sunflowers I’ve grown in the past. When I first moved in I threw a bunch of seeds around in the spring hoping some would come up. Not much did. The successes were sunflowers, California poppies and nasturtiums. Every year I plant sunflower seeds in the spring but I’ve never had the successes that I had in those early years. Nor have I ever found the seeds for the first bronze shaded sunflowers again.

The next round of seeds were these ‘Giant Singles’.

The photos don’t do justice to the size of these, although you can see the bee on them.

They were about the size of dinner plates and truly fa-a-antastic.

And the last ones were these ‘Royal Velvet’ (I think). Great colours and loads of flowers on a mid-size shrub.

If you’ve got a sunny spot to brighten up give them a go!

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