Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Hello Roses!

Here in Perth we’re in the middle of the first rose flush of spring, and this year we are having a good season.

Red Pierre looking truly spectacular

So often it can be spoiled by wet or too cool weather, but not this year.

David Austin’s ‘Munstead Wood’

This year the warm weather at the end of winter has meant that most of the roses are looking well foliaged for a change.

Named for the ballerina, David Austin’s ‘Darcey Bussell’

Hybrid tea, ‘Bonfire’. The petals turn red in the sunshine as it ages

This is hybrid tea, ‘Granada’

You might remember, back in autumn, I was talking about moving my ‘Princess Alexandra of Kent’ rose. Well here it is in its new home and flowering much better already.

This one is hybrid tea, ‘Radox Bouquet’

The thorny, but beautiful ‘Gertrude Jekyll’

And finally, another Austin rose, Scepter’d Isle.

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  1. Hi Sue, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I wanted to come over and check out if you are writing a blog yourself and I am pleased to see that not only this is the case, but that you seem to love roses as much as I do! What a nice surprise!
    Your red Pierre de Ronsard looks too good to be true. I have heard that this rose is difficult to grow, but it seems to love your conditions. I grow the regular 'Pierre de Ronsard' quite successfully in my garden and after seeing your photo I wonder if I should give the red version a try. Another rose that I covet for a long time is 'Princess Alexandra of Kent'. If only my yard would be bigger and we wouldn't be in a severe drought for four years I probably would have this rose already. Yours is very lovely! The only rose from your post, that I grow in my garden as well, even though it is still in a container, is 'Scepter'd Isle'. It is fairly healthy so far and is a very lovely rose. Warm regards from Southern California,