Friday, 17 October 2014

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge

Put on the Barry White music and dim the lights, today’s post is about Seduction

and Bold Seduction… well, the roses anyway.

These roses are very free-flowering floribundas, Bold Seduction being the deeper coloured, stiffer and thornier stemmed, more upright sport of Seduction.

They are generally the first to put on their spring flush and they’re right on cue this year with a display that somehow always makes me think of meringue.

Unfortunately Seduction doesn’t photograph as well as they could in the landscape and look more washed out towards white than they actually are. And the truth is in the warmer weather they could almost pass for a white rose anyway, but the buds show the beautiful soft pink edges all year round. In the heat, Bold Seduction will pale off to soft pink to be mistakeable for Seduction at its best. 

Of course, that they are actually flowering heavily throughout the heat of summer is a huge plus.

Seduction makes a brilliant standard because of its naturally rounded shape

and also looks great as mass planted bushes to create an informal hedge.

Bold Seduction has a far more upright vase type shape.

In my experience, these roses will thrive in any position in the garden. I’ve got them along the eastern fence so they get all the afternoon sun plus the heat of the fence itself and I’ve got one planted at the front which gets pretty much only a couple of hours of morning sun around Christmas (more later as the sun goes further north), and a bush in a position that falls somewhere between the two extremes. All of them flower profusely and thrive in Perth conditions.

They are definitely worth finding a spot for.

Happy Gardening!

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  1. Very well the photo of the standard framed by the Strelitzia and Plane tree. David