Monday, 23 February 2015


Two-tone hedge in a nursery in the Adelaide Hills

It’s still summer here in Perth and still hot, although (surprise! surprise!), we’ve had some decent rain recently and for a week or so it was very cloudy and warm (well hot really). I was expecting powdery mildew to become the order of the day, but no, following that everything has put on new growth like you wouldn’t believe.

Indian Hawthorn (Rhaphiolepis Indica) Hedge

And a close up of the spring flowers

I’m still running through photos I collected in spring. This post actually has photos that are several years old, but as the heading suggests these are photos of hedges that I haven’t grown, just seen.

Heart shaped hedge at Melville Roses, near Kalamunda

I love the formality of hedges although I personally only have one along the edge of my driveway, a lilli-pilli called Tiny Trev. It’s looking a little relaxed at the moment. In the past I have lost plants (and my first hedge) after pruning in hot weather so I avoid it now and hold off till the weather cools down. I tried taking photos of it but they aren’t turning out well so I’ll leave it for this post.

Rosemary hedge
These photos are taken in the garden of a medical centre near where I work. It has a very formal aesthetic with a lot of hedges and ‘Iceberg’ roses everywhere.

Unknown flowering hedge

I love it and had ideas of basing my front yard design along the same lines but my yard layout doesn’t really suit the straight line divisions required for a formal look and I had to give it away.

Plumbago hedge (it only works well where it gets afternoon shade)

I still dream of an all-white rose garden and I may yet plant an all-white rose section somewhere as an area opens up due to the death of a plant. Some Australian natives are fairly short-lived and I’ve had a couple of deaths this summer.

Gardenia hedge

Happy Gardening!


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