Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Pierre de Ronsard (Eden rose) weeping standard

It’s rolled around into autumn and finally the end of the heat here in Perth and I still have one last post to go using photos I took last spring.

This is my Pierre de Ronsard (or Eden rose as it’s called in some parts) weeping standard.
I bought this from Roworths nursery in Landsdale. 

They have this cracker example in their carpark. This photo was taken around January or February I think, so blooms aren’t all that prolific, but the shape of it had me pulling my wallet out and asking ‘how much?’

Pierre de Ronsard is one of those rose varieties that take a few years to mature into a prolific bloomer. The maturity of it when I bought it meant that I only had to wait a couple of years for its flowering season to extend through to autumn. Up until then it didn’t flower past Australia Day (at the end of January).

This year it is starting to take on a good form as well.

In sadder news, however, the tally of deaths at the end of this summer is 5. I bought a couple of fuchsias (love them) last spring that didn’t make it; lost a couple of natives (a grevillea and a dwarf tea tree) possibly from old age - I hear some of them are short-lived; and my silver birch which is very sad.

One of the first trees I planted, after 8 summers it has passed away… now I’ve got to decide if I can do something with that lovely trunk or remove it and start from scratch.

Ahhh gardening. It has its ups and downs. Best wishes for yours.

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