Friday, 26 June 2015

Late Autumn in the Swan Valley

During the cooler months, because I live so close to work, I need to take my car for a regular drive to get rid of any condensation that’s collected under the oil cap. One of my favourites is a circuit I do from work out through Guildford and the Swan Valley. The vines pick up the late afternoon sunshine and the leaves glow. This week I stopped the car and took some photos.

Along one of the boundary fences to this paddock the grape grower has mass planted what look like ‘Zepherine Drouhin’. They’re extremely thornless and have a strong fragrance. When I went past last time they were in full flush, unfortunately there’s a big difference between then and this week.

Enjoy the weather wherever you are


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  1. Nice post Sue, I too enjoy that drive through the Swan Valley and regularly come home via Gnangara Rd after visiting clients in Joondalup/Wangara just so I can come down West Swan Rd. David